*Cue Sesame Street music* “The ladybugs twelve at the lady bug picnic!!”  * Good luck getting that out of your head! Ha!*

I love ladybugs! They’re so cute and so helpful! When I put my seedlings into my garden, a swarm of aphids and mealy bugs quickly descend onto my poor plants! But I have discovered a safe and pesticide free way to get rid of them! May I introduce 1000 hungry ladybugs!!

Luckily I have a Green Thumb store near to me and they usually have containers of ladybugs, they cost around $5.00, and that is so cheap considering the huge job that they do in my garden. I find that broccoli and cabbage attracts the most pests, so I always release ladybugs if I have those planted.

They come, they eat *all the pests*, they mate and then they move on! You know what? I like their style 🙂


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