It’s Friday! Hoorayyyy *doing the running man*.:) after a hectic couple of weeks I was so excited to just relax! My amazingly talented friend Vivian invited me to ladies night at Paint A Dream. I was a bit hesitant as I have no painting skills and I’m not really artistic and I’m afraid of small crowded places and people… OK well maybe not people…sometimes 🙂 🙂

So I put my big girl undies on and said yes. She’s been helping me search Pinterest for ideas and there are so many beautiful ones. But I just know that when I try to do the same it will turn into one of those “Pinterest fails memes”. Wish me luck!

We all had an amazing time, the food was great and the painting wasn’t as terrifying as I had expected! I think we all pretty much finished our pieces and then the staff took them away to get baked and glossy! When we pick up our pieces I’ll update this post. Here are our painted pieces! They look a little dull and you can see the pencil marks, but the staff assured us that the heat would burn the pencil marks off and the colors will be bright and glossy! I can’t wait!

DSC_9036 DSC_9039 DSC_9043 DSC_9053 DSC_9055 DSC_9057 DSC_9059 DSC_9091 DSC_9110DSC_9065

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