I love seeing the seedlings emerge and get secondary leaves! But what I don’t love is weeds! Bleckkk! I spent a good part of this morning weeding my little garden and trying not to pull any seedlings out. After cleaning up a bit I got my camera out and thought it would be fun to play a little game! Can you guess the plants from the pics?

  1. 11270348_10155551567460431_582819981919716662_o
  2. 11164590_10155551566730431_2238259373103822737_o
  3. 11289499_10155551567175431_8231007056402131809_o 11013330_10155551566870431_7109359975502519831_o 10452838_10155551567200431_2104437912556468934_o
  4. 11357085_10155551567520431_7749425196687871149_o
  5. 11334186_10155551567565431_1457832549139327918_o
  6. 11221567_10155551567305431_7116810559858595804_o
  7. 11111052_10155551567610431_6252757701824047097_o
  8. 11334260_10155551567905431_3911130939404604430_o
  9. 11312594_10155551567900431_7569048131407816329_o
  10. 11312642_10155551568015431_3614308559720863501_o
  11. Ā Ā 11269504_10155551568100431_8133448910976948257_o
  12. 11229705_10155551568210431_6534207077543020593_o
  13. 1396947_10155551568365431_3491745121197803540_o
  14. 11253949_10155551568545431_3376871971833173783_o
  15. 11040600_10155551568605431_7179236532794662569_o
  16. 11270656_10155551568880431_4739262519606858990_o
  17. 10608602_10155551568840431_8527553529636771476_o
  18. 11270639_10155551568865431_7228336177043659474_o

Alright I can’t wait to see who can guess them all!! Ā I know number 17 will confuse alot of people šŸ˜€

11312797_10155551567285431_4028739640814368310_o 11127216_10155551567785431_3466599847141272709_o

22 thoughts on “MY GARDEN – MAY

  1. Hmm, they’re all so tricky, I’m so bad at guessing as well haha but i’ll give some a try!! 1. Some type of daisy 5. lemons? haha 6. I can’t help but think that’s going to be a sunflower 16. swiss chard. But overall your garden looks beautiful so far! I just started planting earlier this week and I’m excited for the results!

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  2. Hydrangea, poinsettia, radishes, lemons, gladioli…..are just some I recognize, if I tried harder, I may come up with more, but that’s just a quick glance. It all looks beautifully fresh and healthy, just got a bunch planted today. Are those eggshells in your raised bed?

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  3. Ok guys let’s see what you got right!
    1. Sunflower
    2. Hydrangea
    3. Agapantha
    4. Poinsettia
    5. Gladiola
    6. Easter lily
    7. Peach
    8. Sunflower bud
    9. Zucchini
    10. Tomato
    11. Cilantro
    12. Broccoli
    13. Eggplant
    14. Cucumber
    15. Carrot
    16. Radish
    17. Beets
    18. Bitter melon
    19. Corn


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