It’s Friday! Hoorayyyy *doing the running man*.:) after a hectic couple of weeks I was so excited to just relax! My amazingly talented friend Vivian invited me to ladies night at Paint A Dream. I was a bit hesitant as I have no painting skills and I’m not really artistic and I’m afraid of small crowded places and people… OK well maybe not people…sometimes 🙂 🙂

So I put my big girl undies on and said yes. She’s been helping me search Pinterest for ideas and there are so many beautiful ones. But I just know that when I try to do the same it will turn into one of those “Pinterest fails memes”. Wish me luck!

We all had an amazing time, the food was great and the painting wasn’t as terrifying as I had expected! I think we all pretty much finished our pieces and then the staff took them away to get baked and glossy! When we pick up our pieces I’ll update this post. Here are our painted pieces! They look a little dull and you can see the pencil marks, but the staff assured us that the heat would burn the pencil marks off and the colors will be bright and glossy! I can’t wait!

DSC_9036 DSC_9039 DSC_9043 DSC_9053 DSC_9055 DSC_9057 DSC_9059 DSC_9091 DSC_9110DSC_9065


I was comfortable, relaxing on the sofa, icy water in one hand and my phone in the other, playing scrabble and obliterating my competition * Yeah.. I’m calling you out Kirtney and Chad*. The kids were building a puzzle on their leap pad. All was going well until *BZZZ*, then darkness!

*kids start screaming* “OMGGGG THE WORLD IS ENDING SAVE US MOMMM!”

*Me* “Chill out dudes, the power is out! We’re gonna live.”

*Kids still whining* ” But now we’re gonna miss Paw Patrol on tv!!”

So I sent them to get dressed and announced that we were going outside! This power outage was a sign that we needed to be outdoors, because it was beautiful and it was also the push I needed to finally sow my seeds! The kids were more than happy to help, so we got all the things we needed and got to work.

How convenient is it that you can just buy these dried pellets, add water and fluff a bit and you’re ready to plant! So much easier and less messy than filling dirt into pots!. We planted a lot of seeds, a couple types of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, carrots, jalapenos, pimentos, okra, eggplant, cucumber, zucchini and we have others that we plant directly in the ground like lettuce, beets, corn, onions, ginger, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and some other veggies.

Here are some pics of the kids working hard, and guess what!?!? As soon as we were finished planting, the power came back! ….*Cue Twilight Zone music*

I found this Jiffy Greenhouse at Green Thumb, but you can also get it in Walmart or any garden store really. I usually order the refill pellets on Amazon. com and just save the trays for next year’s plants. * Reduce, reuse, recycle right!*



My handsome son Myles ❤image

Soaking the pellets with warm water, and waiting for them to magically grow!image

My fireball Hailey Bailey ❤image

Look at the concentration 🙂image

Teamwork makes the dream work!image

I did the fluffing!



We labelled the box and planted the seeds.image

And now we wait… 🙂


What’s going on in your garden!? We’d love to know what you’re planting 🙂


My daughter and I had a little free time this morning so we decided to make a fresh batch of play dough! Because somehow the last batch mysteriously disappeared! *The sock gremlin must be escalating!!* … dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!

Check out our Youtube video for the recipe and instructions! 🙂