Santa Barbara 70th International Orchid Show

Every year I make the trek to beautiful Santa Barbara just for this show! It showcases vendors from around the world and their orchids, related crafts and supplies. This gives you the chance to see the new hybrids, stock up on potting materials and even buy a few new plants! *TIP- I find its best to go on the last day to get the best deals. The vendors lower their prices so they don’t have to repack and ship items home. Also, the orchid houses on the way to the show also have sales and good deals!*

You can read more about the show here

Here are a few of my pics! I took close to 800!

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To me, Phalaenopsis orchids are the easiest to grow and flower. They like indirect light and changes in weather to form flower spikes and if cared for properly, their blooms can last for weeks!

I rescued this little guy last year. He was almost dead with just one leaf! After a little TLC and some fertilizer he is doing great with two branching flower spikes and tons of buds getting ready to open.

This coming weekend is the Santa Barbara International Orchid show, so my little guy will be getting some new brothers and sisters soon! I’m so excited!! Yayyyyy orchids!