Hey everyone! I have been nominated for The Real Neat Blog Award by the lovely blogger theuglyducklingslife. She has a beautiful blog full of great recipes! She is warm and friendly and we love to talk about all the things we want to eat 🙂 Visit her blog  here.

I’ve been meaning to start my blog for a long time, but with little kids, it’s so hard finding the time! But this year in February I decided it would be now or never! I am so thankful to her for nominating me, she really made my day! Especially because she noticed that I was missing for a while because I was sick! ❤


  • Put the award logo on your blog.
  • Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  • Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
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  1. What inspired you to start your blog?

It seems like my family is always hungry, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Initially I wasn’t the biggest fan of cooking. I preferred to be the eater not the cook! But now that I have my own little family I feel so inspired to create things for them that will nourish their bodies and make them happy 🙂

2. Where do you find your inspiration to do what you do?

I find inspiration everywhere! My garden, the grocery store, farmer’s markets, restaurants and the food network of course! * I have a major crush on Chef Ramsey*

3. Name five favorite things.(Food,Drink,Place,Song,Movie)

My favorite food- pasta! I could eat pasta everyday!. Favorite drink – sweet tea. Favorite Place – Tobago *the beaches are so beautiful*. I have wayyyy too many favorite songs, I listen to everything from calypso to rock and roll! My favorite movie..hmmm…anything with Will Ferrell *he’s hilarious*

4. What would be the one quote you live by(also by whom)?

“If you want something you have to reach out and grab it, stop waiting for things to just drop in your lap, because more often than not, they won’t” –  by my last Boss. She always encouraged me to believe in myself and to keep pushing for success.

5. What is your most favorite living creature?

I just adore koalas! I wish I had a baby koala to cuddle with all day

6. Describe yourself in three words(don’t use your blog name,please)

Hilarious, shy, hungry

7. Name three things you can’t live without.

mascara, gum and koalas * ok ok my kids* 🙂

Blogs I would like to nominate are:

  1.  Mind Your Dirt
  2. Asa-Mari
  3. Stephysweetbakes
  4. Frugal Hausfrau
  5. Recipes from Molly
  6. Le Platte Art
  7. Feasting with friends
  8. Kenwynarts
  9. Microgalactic

Here are my questions

  1. What is your best childhood memory?

  2. What is your favorite song?

  3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

  4.  If you could only keep five possessions, what would they be?

  5.  If you won the lottery, what would you do?

  6. What are you most afraid of?

  7. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

I’m looking forward to reading your answers 🙂