Hey guys! Just took a quick walk through my garden to see if anything was ready for picking and I think I found some blue ribbon material! Feast your eyes upon my enormous zucchini! It’s currently a little over 2 feet long and heavy! I’ve never seen one this big and I’m on the lookout for a competition to enter!



I also have some tomatoes, green beans, corn, bittermelon, cilantro and chives ready to be picked!






Here are a couple roses that went a little crazy after months and months of no rain. We finally had 3 days of showers!



I hope your gardens are doing well! Happy growing! 🌱🌹🌿🌺


I love seeing the seedlings emerge and get secondary leaves! But what I don’t love is weeds! Bleckkk! I spent a good part of this morning weeding my little garden and trying not to pull any seedlings out. After cleaning up a bit I got my camera out and thought it would be fun to play a little game! Can you guess the plants from the pics?

  1. 11270348_10155551567460431_582819981919716662_o
  2. 11164590_10155551566730431_2238259373103822737_o
  3. 11289499_10155551567175431_8231007056402131809_o 11013330_10155551566870431_7109359975502519831_o 10452838_10155551567200431_2104437912556468934_o
  4. 11357085_10155551567520431_7749425196687871149_o
  5. 11334186_10155551567565431_1457832549139327918_o
  6. 11221567_10155551567305431_7116810559858595804_o
  7. 11111052_10155551567610431_6252757701824047097_o
  8. 11334260_10155551567905431_3911130939404604430_o
  9. 11312594_10155551567900431_7569048131407816329_o
  10. 11312642_10155551568015431_3614308559720863501_o
  11.   11269504_10155551568100431_8133448910976948257_o
  12. 11229705_10155551568210431_6534207077543020593_o
  13. 1396947_10155551568365431_3491745121197803540_o
  14. 11253949_10155551568545431_3376871971833173783_o
  15. 11040600_10155551568605431_7179236532794662569_o
  16. 11270656_10155551568880431_4739262519606858990_o
  17. 10608602_10155551568840431_8527553529636771476_o
  18. 11270639_10155551568865431_7228336177043659474_o

Alright I can’t wait to see who can guess them all!!  I know number 17 will confuse alot of people 😀

11312797_10155551567285431_4028739640814368310_o 11127216_10155551567785431_3466599847141272709_o


SO… I am putting my 3 year old daughter up for sale…no seriously.. my little ‘angel’ picked all of the young peaches off of my peach tree except one and then stood there smiling at me! She thought it was hilarious! I guess the culling lesson went a bit over her head, I mean she is 3 after all 😂… I’m still furious 😲😒😒 but she’s lucky that she’s cute, maybe I’ll consider keeping her.


The criminal escapes!


So anywayyyy in other gardening news, I have an apple on my tree! Only one apple you say? Well somehow I felt my little ‘angel’ also had something to do with this! Grrrrr!! 😒😒


The blueberries are ripening. She helped herself to the ripe berries yesterday. Thanks kid, such a great sharer!


The hubs and my 4 year old son tilled the soil in my raised bed and added supplements and eggshells.  I am so grateful for that because I still feel pretty blehhh. They did a great job with my micromanaging of course hehehehe!


They found a rogue tomato plant that must have sprouted from last years seeds, so they moved it to a safe place in the corner and it even has a cute little tomato on it already!


I’ve moved my seedlings outside to get used to the weather. At this time last year it was still freezing and as I write this its 90F!!😰



Once again I am trying my hand at herbs. I think they dislike me and things go awry and they always end up dead. Am I an herb murderer?!? *gasp* I just don’t understand it! I can keep difficult orchid species alive and prospering but I can’t keep basil alive!? BASIL!!! Come on Natasha! Get yourself together for heaven’s sakes!

I hope that the weather is lovely where you are and that you’ll be able to get out and garden soon! What are you planting this year?

Happy Gardening! 🙂 🍄🍄🍄


My lemon tree is totally covered with lemons and no matter how many neighbors I share with or random people I meet on the street *don’t you judge me!*… I just can’t seem to use these bright yellow babies up fast enough!

Soooo I’ve decided to make every lemon recipe I have plus a few new ones! So be on the lookout for lemon bars, lemon meringue, lemon brownies, lemon chicken, lemonade *spiked of course* and many more!

Also if you have any lemon recipes please send them my way!






I was comfortable, relaxing on the sofa, icy water in one hand and my phone in the other, playing scrabble and obliterating my competition * Yeah.. I’m calling you out Kirtney and Chad*. The kids were building a puzzle on their leap pad. All was going well until *BZZZ*, then darkness!

*kids start screaming* “OMGGGG THE WORLD IS ENDING SAVE US MOMMM!”

*Me* “Chill out dudes, the power is out! We’re gonna live.”

*Kids still whining* ” But now we’re gonna miss Paw Patrol on tv!!”

So I sent them to get dressed and announced that we were going outside! This power outage was a sign that we needed to be outdoors, because it was beautiful and it was also the push I needed to finally sow my seeds! The kids were more than happy to help, so we got all the things we needed and got to work.

How convenient is it that you can just buy these dried pellets, add water and fluff a bit and you’re ready to plant! So much easier and less messy than filling dirt into pots!. We planted a lot of seeds, a couple types of tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers, carrots, jalapenos, pimentos, okra, eggplant, cucumber, zucchini and we have others that we plant directly in the ground like lettuce, beets, corn, onions, ginger, garlic, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and some other veggies.

Here are some pics of the kids working hard, and guess what!?!? As soon as we were finished planting, the power came back! ….*Cue Twilight Zone music*

I found this Jiffy Greenhouse at Green Thumb, but you can also get it in Walmart or any garden store really. I usually order the refill pellets on Amazon. com and just save the trays for next year’s plants. * Reduce, reuse, recycle right!*



My handsome son Myles ❤image

Soaking the pellets with warm water, and waiting for them to magically grow!image

My fireball Hailey Bailey ❤image

Look at the concentration 🙂image

Teamwork makes the dream work!image

I did the fluffing!



We labelled the box and planted the seeds.image

And now we wait… 🙂


What’s going on in your garden!? We’d love to know what you’re planting 🙂

Freesia, Clivia, Iris

Every year in early spring we go to Home Depot, Lowe’s and Green Thumb to replace our annuals. Last year I discovered the insanely perfumed freesia!The scent is amazing! Almost like a rose on steroids! I bought 4 plants and I planted them near my front door so everyone could smell them while they came up the driveway.

I also wanted them planted there because that’s where I love to sit or have my evening tea. My hubs bought a falling apart bench and he totally refurbished it and even got me a fancy pillow 🙂 But the best part was the price! He paid $5.00 for the bench! And now I have a comfy place to sit and read or play Hay Day and Candy Crush * don’t judge me*, and the best part is the smell of freesia in the air, which I think smells like heaven!






Clivia is another favorite of mine because of the shocking orange color! It reminds me of home in the Caribbean and the bright blossoms that can be found almost anywhere.

My faithful Iris returns every year bringing forth more flowers each time. The amazing blue-purple with a bright spot of yellow contrasts so beautifully and stands out in my front garden. I just wish its flowers would last all year long!



*Cue Sesame Street music* “The ladybugs twelve at the lady bug picnic!!” http://youtu.be/Xr8vUTm64h0  * Good luck getting that out of your head! Ha!*

I love ladybugs! They’re so cute and so helpful! When I put my seedlings into my garden, a swarm of aphids and mealy bugs quickly descend onto my poor plants! But I have discovered a safe and pesticide free way to get rid of them! May I introduce 1000 hungry ladybugs!!

Luckily I have a Green Thumb store near to me and they usually have containers of ladybugs, they cost around $5.00, and that is so cheap considering the huge job that they do in my garden. I find that broccoli and cabbage attracts the most pests, so I always release ladybugs if I have those planted.

They come, they eat *all the pests*, they mate and then they move on! You know what? I like their style 🙂



It’s almost Spring time in California! Hoooraaayyyy * yes I know, I know, all we ever have is blue skies and sunshine*. So that means I can start clearing my garden of weeds and old plants and getting it ready for tilling and supplements!

A couple months before spring, I start saving my eggshells. I rinse, dry and crush them and then sprinkle the shells all over my garden to provide calcium and also to cut the bellies of any slugs who dare to enter! * Xena Warrior Princess Music*

My kids are always ready to dig in my garden, so they were very excited to help mommy pick the last of her giant lettuce! I also picked some herbs for my secret Caribbean Green Seasoning SHHHHH!

DSC_6573 DSC_6538 DSC_6614